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Plus additional infos related to ray imaging, Medical Supplies and Healthcare.

Manufactures and distributes delivery systems, including radioaerosol and gas, for lung imaging in nuclear medicine.
Elema-Schonander / X-Ray Division
Manufacturer of X-ray film changers and viewers. Products are sold to healthcare industry.
Southwest Imaging
Provider of sales and service of new and pre-owned X-ray, ultrasound, CAT scan, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), C-arms, mammographic medical and veterinary diagnostic imaging equipment, including chiropractic tables.
Supplier of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) patient sound systems and other accessories that increase patient comfort during an MRI scan.
Post Glover Resistors, Inc. / Halsey
Manufacturer of isolated power panels, X-ray film illuminators, digital clock timers, grounding panels and patient service consoles for hospital operating rooms and radiology centers; and of pre-wired aluminum raceways for nonhospital settings.
Diagnostix Plus
Catalog of nuclear medicine and nuclear cardiology imaging and accessory items, cameras, cardiac stress test systems, ECG trigger/monitors, computers, collimators and dose calibrators.
eBay: Medical X-Ray and Imaging
Online marketplace for buying and selling medical x-ray and imaging.
Midwest EBT Cardiac Imaging
Provider of outpatient coronary artery screening to detect early heart disease. Uses electron beam tomography technology.
Computerized Thermal Imag
Computerized Thermal Imaging, Inc. (CTI) has developed Breast Imaging and General Use Systems.
Unfors Instruments
Manufactures instruments for measuring the technical performance and safety of X-ray equipment.
H.R. Simon & Co.
Maryland based x-ray photo-developing chemicals manufacturer. Also supplies radiology products, including: film, lead products, silver recovery, barium, viewboxes and paper products.
Crown International, Inc. / Techron Division
Manufacturer of gradient field drivers in magnetic resonance imaging systems and amplifiers for industrial and research applications. Products are sold to multiple industries. This company was capitalized by corporate investment.
Advanced Instrument Development, Inc.
Independent manufacturer of Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) devices and digital radiography systems.
Jacobson Resonance Enterprises, Inc.
Manufacturer and developer of the Jacobson Resonator, a device that performs magnetic resonance imaging. Uses for the device include pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic, agricultural and environmental applications. Products are sold to multiple .
Dome Imaging Systems
Provider of integrated hardware and software components for medical image processing, graphics and operating system integration.
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