Bioinformatics on the Net

With a focus on resources and Biotechnology.

Biocomputing For Everone
Editorial information on biocomputing from VSNS BioComputing Division.
Journal published by Oxford Journals online, with searchable index for back issues.
Table of Contents:Sequence analysis
Hypertext documents that summarize the basic workings and concepts behind some popular programs for bio sequence comparison, as well as to point out necessary cautions.
Journal of Computational Biology
A bimonthly peer-reviewed journal providing a forum for the communication of technical issues associated with the analysis, management, and visualization of cellular information at the molecular level.
Biocomputing ForSchools
Offers material for a multimedia project in biology and computer science education, highlighting the possibilities of the new Information Technologies (IT) in the field of Biocomputing.
The BioInformer
Quarterly newsletter which focuses on bioinformatics research, developments, and services at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) and elsewhere.
eBay: Publications on Bioinformatics
Online marketplace for buying and selling publications on bioinformatics.
Reports news of databases, software and services developments from the Geneva groups of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics.
Support Vector Machines
Book that is an introduction to a learning system based on advances in statistical learning theory.
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