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Biotechnology company which develops and applies new technologies for discovering new drugs and disease-related targets.
Glaxo Wellcome Inc.
This is the corporate website for a leading research-based pharmaceutical firm.
Bio Balance
Drug discovery company with experience in computational chemistry, molecular modeling, pharmacology and biochemistry.
Employment opportunities at Cambridge Antibody Technology.
Genaera Corporation
Magainin Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company with research and development efforts in anti-angiogenesis, respiratory disease and infectious disease.
Alpha Diagnostic
Major providers of custom services such as peptides synthesis, polyclonal, monoclonal antibodies in lab animals.
Drug discovery and development company involved with small-molecule therapeutics for the treatment of cancer, chemotherapy-induced side effects and certain degenerative diseases.
Eukaryotic Promoter Database
Contains information on eukaryotic promoters of RNA polymerase II with an indication of the transcription start location. Only those promoters are included in this database in which the transcription start has been revealed experimentally.
Center for Advanced Research in Biotechnology
Provides a forum for collaborative biotechnology research among academic, government and industry scientists.
Advanced Biochemicals Limited.: Enzyme Manufacturers
Indian biotech company offering enzymes for various fields and industries.
Gametrics Ltd.
Manufacturer of a toxicant/sterilant for rodent control. Provider of genetic research and development, sex selection and sperm separation technology services. Products and services are provided to the medical and biotechnology industries.
Dentigenix, Inc.
Developer of dental implant, denture, and root canal alternatives. This company has identified and begun development programs on a pipeline of products utilizing biologically based techniques to create practical therapies for use by both genera.
Cyto Pulse Sciences, Inc.
Designer and manufacturer of gene delivery systems using electroporation and electrofusion. Products are sold to multiple industries. This company was capitalized by private investment.
Internet portal for the biotechnology industry. Provides information, news and job listings.
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