Biotechnology on the Net

With a focus on course and Biotechnology.

DNA Learning Center
Gene almanac, information on genes for educational purposes.
Educational tutorial of genetics and pharmacogenetics by Celera.
Massachusetts Bioprocess Development Center
The Center is an interdisciplinary research and development and education center that assists start-up biotechnology companies in the development of procedures that can become validated, cGMP compliant, manufacturing processes.
Educational resource on DNA.
Northwestern University Interdepartmental Biological Sciences Graduate Program
General information, program description, research, curriculum descriptions and related links.
Albert Einstein College of Medicine Department of Molecular Genetics
Information about the faculty, academic activities, facilities, personnel as well as a genome database and related links.
Computer Applications in Biotechnology
Academic program at James Madison University.
University of North Carolina at Charlotte Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Biology Program
Doctoral program in biology that focuses on the molecular and integrative bases of biomedical sciences and related biotechnology.
University of Houston Department of Biology and Biochemistry
Information for current students as well as prospective students including admissions requirements, degree requirements and program descriptions.
Laboratory of Molecular Systematics and Evolution Workshops
Offers a wide range of molecular biology services including instruction in current laboratory methodologies. Additionally, bioinformatics are offered as a class or on a one-on-one basis.
University of North Texas at Fort Worth Graduate School of Biomedical Science
Resources for existing and prospective students to obtain information about the graduate programs available, financial aid and facilities.
Hands on Genetics
Interactive computer programs for the teaching and learning of genetics.
Center for Gene Research and Biotechnology
Information about the facilities, faculty and research programs as well as technology transfer into industry.
Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
General information and PhD program specifics.
Cornell Genomics Initiative
A new program to enhance and accelerate biological research and training through an intercollegiate program called the Cornell Genomics Initiative. The Initiative involves most of Cornell's colleges, both in Ithaca and New York City, and will pr.
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