Biotechnology on the Net

With a focus on instruments and Biotechnology.

Provider of equipment, systems, laboratory and analytical services, and technologies serving the particle and powder processing needs of industry.
Developer of a specialized noncoherent light source for the field of photodynamic therapy (PDT) and for use with new biotech pharmaceuticals.
Provider of products for use in molecular biology laboratories including waterbath systems, thermal cyclers, slide handling systems, DNA arrayers and automatic sequencers.
Manufacturer and distributor of DNA synthesizers and solenoid valves.
Manufacturer of biosensing technologies, in-vitro testing equipment for small biological samples and medical devices.
Developer of portable measuring devices for spectroscopic applications in biotechnology and medicine.
Lightools Research
Specializing in biotechnology imaging and detection tools.
Molecular Biotechnology
Developer of DNA vector systems, enzymes, laboratory columns and other instruments for molecular biology research.
Develops and provides automated solutions for the genomic community.
Provides reversed-phase, anion exchange and cation exchange columns for high-performance liquid chromatography.
GMI's Biotechnology Laboratory Instrumentation and Products
Supplier of biotechnology laboratory instruments.
Phoenix Electrode
Manufacturer of electrochemical analytical sensors. Specializes in production of pH, oxidation-reduction potential, conductivity and oxygen and ion-selective electrodes (ISEs) for laboratory, biotechnology and medical applications.
MJ Research, Inc.
Manufacturer of molecular bioelectronic equipment, biotech instrumentation, DNA analysis equipment, microprocessor power supplies and thermal controllers. Products are sold to biochemical, biomedical and molecular biology markets.
Ellard Instrumentation Ltd
Specializes in custom acrylic products for use in radiation shielding, electrophoresis and biomedical research.
Hitachi Instruments
Supplying high technology analytical instrumentation and services for industry, government, universities and hospitals.
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