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JRH Biosciences
Supplier of specialized cell culture products to the global health care industry.
Supplier of transaminase and salt-immobilized enzymes, enzyme research services and consulting services in the areas of market research, technology evaluation and assistance with due diligence during acquisitions or mergers.
Develops products for automated sample preparation in the isolation of nucleic acids.
Provider of peptide custom synthesis, amino acid derivatives and reagents for peptide synthesis and services such as polyclonal antibody custom service, protein and peptide analysis and peptide design and development.
Chroma Tech.
Specializes in the design and manufacture of optical filters and coatings for applications.
ICN Biomedicals, Inc.
Supplier of biomedical products including immunobiologicals, labware, radiochemicals and diagnostics.
Offers a range of products designed to simplify and optimize PCR-based research, DNA fragment analysis, sequencing and mutation analysis.
Molecular Biology Resources, Inc.
Producer of diagnostic enzymes and diagnostic recombinant DNA and RNA; and manufacturer of related diagnostic probes. The enzymes are used for research in recombinant RNA and DNA. Products are sold to biotechnology research facilities. This c.
BD Biosciences
Manufacturer of products and services for basic research, drug discovery, pharmaceutical production, environmental monitoring, quality assurance and clinical diagnostics.
Engages in the product design and manufacture of custom oligonucleotides.
Braxton Group (The)
Producer of immunodiagnostic urinary proteins. Products are sold to multiple industries. This company was capitalized by corporate investment.
Morwell Diagnostics Biosciences
Provides a range of antibodies, enzymes, immunoassays and related research products for biotechnology and pharmaceutical laboratory applications.
Distributor of biotech equipment, supplies and reagents. Provides a portal of resources, services and information for academic research community.
emp Biotech
Provider of supplies for DNA and protein purification, including spin columns, kits, high-throughput separations, gels and fluorescent labeling kits.
Continental Lab Products, Inc.
Manufacturer of biotechnology laboratory equipment, including electrophoresis, blotting, liquid handling, nucleic acid purifying equipment. Products are sold to the biotechnology industry. This company was capitalized by private investment.
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