Consultants on the Net

With a focus on in bioinformatics and Biotechnology.

Biodatabase Mining
Database development, data mining and project management services for the genomic research community.
MDL Information Systems
Provider of discovery informatics for the life science and chemical industries.
Biomatic Consulting, Inc.
Specializing in complex information system of living organism which can be described with mathematics, for development of a programming method for optimization of fermentation processes.
Bioinformatics Services
Firm specializes in applying computational biology to build solutions to complex biological and data analysis problems faced by scientists in public and private research institutes, biotechnology companies and universities.
Centient Consulting
Consulting firm providing business planning, software development and IT consulting services to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.
Babraham Technix
Services including fluorescence imaging, bioinformatics, antibody services, and instrumentation.
Base4 Bioinformatics
Information, knowledge and project life cycle management solutions for pharmaceutical discovery and development.
Meso Technologies
Bioinformatics consulting company specializing in specialize in three-dimensional (3D) protein visualization, molecular dynamics & Monte Carlo computer simulations, threading test and data mining, small molecule-receptor and antigen-antibody .
Market research and consulting firm supporting marketing and sales executives in the life science, medical device and pharmaceutical industries.
Interactive Analysis
Provider of neural network, data mining and data modeling consulting services to medical, pharmaceutical, biomedical device manufacturers and high technology material science companies. Company provides immediate expertise to these industries t.
AFS Informatics
Providing bioinformatics consulting services and selling several software packages to extend the functionality of Time Logic Decypher systems.
Developer of knowledge-based products that facilitate the use of genomic, proteomic and cellomic/physiological information. Provides integrated suites of annotated databases, bioinformatic tools and associated consulting services.
Designs databases and builds software for harvesting genomic and proteomic data. Creates web-based databases for sharing research information and provides project management.
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