Cow guide

Plus additional infos related to Genomics and Biotechnology.

Mapping the Bovine Genome
Bovine database links as well as resources for additional and related information on the bovine genome projects.
Cattle Diversity Database
Database includes information on contact laboratories, references and marker information. It details sample and method information and also calculates observed and expected heterozygosities, PIC and allele frequencies.
Bovine Genome Database
Comparative analytical maps, other cattle genome resources and databases.
Bovine mapping database, queries, and project information. Developed by The Roslin Institute Bioinformatics Group
Catalog of Bovine Ggenes
Catalog for research in endocrinology and reproduction. Site consists of genetic databases.
Taxon artiodactyla
Non-coding (introns) DNA stats for artiodactyls. Links, info and databases for the taxa.
Laboratory of Immunogenetics
From the University of Illinois, with links to cattle genomics, bovine leukemia virus, and publications.
Cattle Genome Database
Hosted at the CSIRO Molecular Animal Genetics Centre, Brisbane, Australia. The CGD is part of an international collaboration to map the Bovine genome.
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