Genomics references

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Distributor of tools for research in the areas of genomics, proteomics and cell biology.
EraGen Biosciences
Functional genomics company involved in developing tools for use in genomics, bioinformatics and biomedical research.
MAGPIE Automated Genome Project Investigation Environment
Automated genome analysis and annotation system that integrates database search tools with other analyses and prepares HTML-based reports that summarize genomics features.
Genemed Synthesis, Inc.
Producer of protein/peptide sequences to determine protein structure, pulmonary chain reaction (PCR) reagents including primers and probes for disease research only. Provider of contract manufacturing of DNA products under GMP. Products and se.
Electric Genetics
Provider of tools that enhance the relationships between genome and genome-related data. Products include an expressed sequence tag (EST) database and an EST clustering system, all provided free to academic institutions.
Entelechon: Backtranslation Tool
Tool for the translation of protein sequences into DNA sequences with customizable codon usage.
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