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Biosearch Technologies
Supplier of solid supports, immunochemicals, fluorogenic probes, DNA synthesis tools and biotips.
Cygnus Technologies
Provides products and analytical methods, designed to accelerate research and development of biopharmaceuticals, improve process development and reduce the costs associated with labor-intensive quality control procedures.
Genomics One
Biotechnology company focusing on the development of diverse and innovative technology platforms for genomic manipulations and gene discovery.
Developer of immunological assays and biocompatible surface treatments for a variety of healthcare and pharmaceutical products.
American Qualex
Reagents, kits, assays and contract laboratory services for genetic research.
Supplying the scientific community with a complete line of cytokine products.
Signature BioScience
Firm focused on the development of assay systems and databases, enabling real-time measurement and comparison of molecular and cellular interactions in cell biology, proteomics and genomics applications.
Developer of assay kits as well as high-throughput screening services for use in the drug discovery process.
Immunodiagnostic Systems
design, manufacture and market an extensive range of immunoassay test kits for clinical and research laboratories.
Peninsula Laboratories
Supplier of active synthetic peptides, peptide antibodies, immunoassay kits, enzyme substrates, and other synthetic chemicals.
Molecular Research Center
Develops and manufactures innovative products for the isolation and analysis of RNA and DNA.
Manufacturer of diagnostic analyzers, including urine strips, dialysis and electrolyte analyzers and an mRNA assay kit.
Nucleic acid and protein purification (isolation) products, contract sequencing services, transfection and PCR reagents, automation for life science, molecular biology, clinical research markets.
Geno Technology
Specialist in developing products for life science research, including kits, reagents, assays and templates.
Company engaged in developing, producing and selling immunoassays, ready-to-use applications and mono- and polyclonal antibodies.
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