Mass guide

Plus additional infos related to spectrometry course and Biotechnology.

Calutron, Cyclotron and Other Images
Index of Berkeley Lab images. This page is designed for use primarily by web search engines.
Suite101 Education Center
Provides the source for finding information on the web in the field of analytical chemistry, and to write about selective areas.
JEOLs Mass SpectrometryTutorial
A short explanation of Mass Spectrometry for the novice.
Back to Basics
A Mass Spectrometry Primer by Professor Johnstone for Micromass.
Calutron Mass Spectrometers
From the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, history of Caultron Mass Spectrometers.
A short tutorial on Mass Spectrometry. Homepage of Kai Bester, environmental analytical chemist, Ph.D.
Widener University-Advanced Spectroscopy
This page contains mass spectrometry data obtained at Widener University for Chem 465, Advanced Spectroscopy. This data was collected on a Finnigan 4000 quadrupole GC/MS using a Teknivent Vector/Two data acquisition system
University of Akron Mass Spectroscopy for Chromatographers
This 'short course' is designed as an introduction to the use of a Mass Spectrometer as a GC detector. From University of Akron.
A History of Mass Spectrometry
Concept, timeline, references and links of mass spectrometry. From Scripps University.
Mass Spectrometry and Biotechnology Resource
Links to databases, resource information, web tools and career forums.
University of Arizona Chemistry Mass Spectrometry Tutorial
A brief description of a quadrupole instrument, information provided by an EI mass spectrum (including a table of common isotopes), a listing of other methods, and some helpful websites. From University of Arizona.
Tutorial: Mass Spectrometry
From Organic Chemistry OnLine, at University of Illinois.
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