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Also about the topics: Sequence alignment and Biotechnology.

Full featured multiple sequence alignment editor, analyzer and shading utility for Windows.
Multiple Sequence Alignment
This form will perform a multiple sequence alignment using the algorithm. From Washington University.
A graphical program for visualizing local alignments between two sequences (protein or nucleic acids).
A color interactive editor for multiple alignments. The program allows visualization and manipulation of both protein and DNA sequences.
Sequence Alignment and Modeling System
A linear hidden Markov model, a sequence of nodes, each corresponding to a column in a multiple alignment.
Method for multiple alignment, constructs pairwise and multiple alignments by comparing whole segments of the sequences.
List of searchable databases from University of Virginia.
Analyze Multiply Aligned Sequences
This server allows you to run AMAS on your own multiple sequence alignment.
European Bioinformatics Institute EMBL Outstation
Database searching, browsing and analysis tools.
Sequence logo generation form.
A compendium of sequence alignments.
Web page for multiple protein sequence alignment.
An alignment program that relies on comparison of whole segments of the sequences instead of comparison of single residues. Pairwise as well as multiple alignments are constructed from gapfree pairs of equal length segments.
Mulitple Sequence Alignment for Proteins
Multiple sequence alignment with confidence estimates.
a graphical multiple sequence alignment editor, able to read various alignment formats (MSF, CLUSTAL, FASTA, PHYLIP, MASE).
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