Protein resources

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Sequences Annotated by Structure
Tool to apply structural information to protein sequences.
A Java applet for browsing molecular sequence data.
Protein Hydrophilicity/Hydrophobicity Search and Comparison
Tools for plotting, comparing and searching a library for similarities, of a protein's hydropathy profile.
The DAS server will predict transmembrane regions of a query sequence.
Entopath, Inc.
Manufacturer of recombinant protein production kits. The product accomplishes this by infecting specially bred insects with baculoviruses and taking DNA from this source. The company also provides contract recombitant protein expression. Prod.
List of searchable databases from University of Virginia.
DNA & Protein Analysis Toolkit
Toolkit from Rockefeller University, including alignment, coding, maps, signals, statistical and structural analysis.
Computer program for the prediction of protein localization sites in cells.
All significant local alignments are reported following the full end-to-end self-alignment.
Compute and represent the profile produced by any amino acid scale on a selected protein.
ExPASy Proteomic Tools
Tools for protein identification and characterization.
Predicts the presence and location of signal peptide cleavage sites in amino acid sequences from different organisms: gram-positive prokaryotes, gram-negative prokaryotes, and eukaryotes.
Web page for multiple protein sequence alignment.
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