Proteomics references

Find more on mass spectrometry and Biotechnology.

The Italian Home Page for Mass Spectrometry
provide information regarding mass spectrometry and related topics, such as resources, centers, and forums.
Manufacturer of spectrometry equipment. Provider of custom software and hardware development services. Software is primarily for data acquisition and runs on MS-DOS systems.
Go Kibelka's Analytical Links Page
Analytical links with an emphasis on miniature mass spectrometer.
Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
Exchange of practical information about secondary ion mass spectrometry.
Cheatham's Instrumentation Pages
List of research groups and companies that use/manufacture mass spectrometry (ICPMS, ICPOES, SIRMS, TIMS, XRF).
Particle-Solid Interactions Web Server
This server contains information useful for researchers in the field of interactions of ions, electrons, and energetic photons with solids.
Accelerator Mass Spectrometry on the Internet
Information on new developments, radiocarbon dating, measured radionuclides and beamline instrumentation.
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