Proteomics references

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Isotope Distribution Calculator
Developed by Scientific Instrument Systems. Key in the molecular formula for which you would like to determine the isotopic distributions.
Protein Science
Publication of the Protein Society, an international forum for publishing original reports.
Protein Engineering
Full-length research papers on the structural and biochemical basis of protein function.
Quaternary Structure Prediction
Experimental homodimer classifier.
Swiss-Pdb Viewer
Application that provides a user friendly interface allowing to analyse several proteins at the same time.
Exact Mass Calculator
This program has been developed by Scientific Instrument Services as part of the Mass Spec Tools Collection.
Entrez (Access to Nucleotide and Protein Sequence Data)
Provider of search capability and access to genomics, genetics, proteomics and literature databases.
Bibliographic database of papers dealing with biomolecular sequence analysis.
Databases of Proteins and Peptides
Information related to amino acids, peptides and proteins with online searchable databases. From the Japanese Protein Research Foundation.
Albumin Website
This website will feature discoveries regarding serum albumin, including updated list of published albumin mutations with references, accession numbers for nucleotide sequences, the list of registered cases of analbuminemia with references.
Isotopic Abundance Calculator
Provided by the Sheffield University, England.
Integrated resource of protein families, domains, and sites.
Mass Spectrometer
Key in your mass spec peaks and relative abundances for mass range. Developed by Scientific Instrument Services.
Database of Structural Motifs in Proteins (DSMP)
Searchable database of proteins.
Peptide Mass Calculator
Source from University of Vermont.
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