Proteomics references

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Applied Biosystems
Supplier of analytical instrumentation for sequencing, analysis and synthesis.
Specializing in providing a complete package of hardware and software components for proteomics research along with our proven lab protocols and all necessary training.
Compugen's software package for 2D gel image analysis. Z3 automates spot detection and registration alignment of images to match the spots. It computes differential expression with a proprietary method that improves the accuracy of analysis resu.
Specializing in high performance Mass Spectrometry (MS).
ActivX Biosciences
Involved in the research and development of a high-throughput platform for activity-based proteomics for use in drug discovery and development.
AVIVA Biosciences
Developer of the AVIChip system for use in the analysis of proteins, enzymes, DNA, mRNA and other biological molecules.
Matrix Science
Developer of software products that integrate mass spectrometry into bioinformatics.
Distributor of tools for research in the areas of genomics, proteomics and cell biology.
Developer of knowledge-based products that facilitate the use of genomic, proteomic and cellomic/physiological information. Provides integrated suites of annotated databases, bioinformatic tools and associated consulting services.
Molecular Dynamics
Develops, manufactures and markets systems that accelerate genetic discovery and analysis.
Genomic Solutions
Proteomic laboratory solutions and services for research.
Signature BioScience
Firm focused on the development of assay systems and databases enabling real-time measurement and comparison of molecular and cellular interactions in cell biology, proteomics and genomics applications.
A bioinformatics company that develops innovative software to rapidly identify and characterize proteins.
Involved in the development of protein biochip technologies used in proteomic research.
Supplier of transaminase and salt-immobilized enzymes, enzyme research services and consulting services in the areas of market research, technology evaluation and assistance with due diligence during acquisitions or mergers.
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