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Manufacturer of reagents.
Source of research quantities of Morpholino antisense oligos.
Developer of an in-vivo insect system to produce recombinant proteins at research scales. Offers kits for use in laboratories as well as small-scale larval infections services for customers not wanting to use kits in their laboratories.
Develops, manufactures and markets diagnostic kits and research reagents based on immunological reactions.
Life Sciences
Specializes in providing enzyme products employed by scientists to make genetic (DNA) sequences. Conducts research and genetic modification of plants, animals and other organisms.
Ransom Hill Bioscience
Supplier of custom-synthesized DNA world-wide.
Supplier of molecular diagnostics, and research reagents.
Advanced Biotechnologies
Supplies molecular biology reagents, specialist plastic consumables and instruments for the life sciences and medical research industries.
Manufacturer of diagnostic research reagents, purified viral antigens and materials for the diagnostics manufacturing community.
Bionostics, Inc.
Provides novel antibodies and associated reagents in defined categories to both the research and diagnostic sectors.
Provider of reagents, antibodies, kits and and custom services for scientific research.
Diagnostic Systems Laboratories, Inc.
Primary business focus is immunodiagnostic aAssays and reagents for clinical endocrinology.
Immunology Consultants Laboratory
Manufacturer of infectious disease reagents, monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, purified proteins, veterinary diagnostics and enzyme conjugates.
Biomedical Technologies, Inc.
Providing reagents, assay kits and growth factors for life science research.
The Great American Gene Company
Supplier of PCR and sequencing primers.
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