Species resources

Also about the topics: genomic and Biotechnology.

WashU/Merck EST-project
Genome project list and links to genomic information and database.
Zebrafish Information Network
Zebrafish anatomical atlases, genetic strains, resource center and news & information.
FUGU Project
a comparative mapping project funded by the MRC to allow Sydney Brenner and Greg Elgar, through the HGMP, to generate a Landmark map of the puffer fish, Fugu rubripes (Fugu) genome.
Tilapia Genome Project
Working together with collaborators around the world, to construct genetic maps of tilapia, a group of fishes important to aquaculture around the world.
ASM Search
A comprehensive listing of websites offering information on microbiology and related fields. Sites can be located by using a search engine or browsing through the indexed list.
Computational Biosciences
Resources in the computational, informational, and biological opportunities and daunting created by the increasing flow of large-scale genome sequencing and the implications for understanding genomes and proteomes.
Genome Research and Sequencing Laboratory
Information on sequencing projects, team members, links and biocomputing resources.
Whitehead Institute for Genome Research Research
Contains information on map and sequence releases, software and people at the Genome Center.
Environmental Genome Project
The mission of NIEHS is to understand the impact of environmental exposures on human health and disease. The ultimate aim of the Environmental Genome Project is to understand the impact and interaction of environmental exposures on human disease.
Genome Workstation
At Roslin Institute in Edinburgh. List of genome search engines.
Genetic Network Maps (as Java applets)
Genetic network controlling development in sea urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus.
University of Washington Genome Center
Jointly funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Department of Energy (DOE), mission is to map and sequence human genomic DNA. We emphasize innovative technology and high data quality.
The Archaeoglobus fulgidus Genome Database
Latest versions of the sequence data and related annotation. An expanded, hypertext-linked version of the gene identification table from the article is also available.
National Center for Genome Resources
Developer of coordinated methods, such as software tools, to help scientists comprehend biological data.
The organism bioinformatics and research menu hubsite for students and researchers.
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